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There are so many…many different ones for each country.


There are at least 25 sign languages in Africa, according to researcher Nobutaka Kamei.[1][2][3] Some have distributions that are completely independent of those of African spoken languages. At least 13 foreign sign languages,…

I have to wonder how many of these are recognized languages (recognized by their goverments as actual languages) and how many more are out there that are NOT recognized. 

Thoughts to ponder…

And as you can see, ASL is NOT universal! c:



Deaf People can do anything, except hear!!


BSL i think? 

Actually, I think this is AUSLAN.  c:  

AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language)

I picked up a good bit there last year… I want to go back sooo much!!!!

(Source: toinfinityannndbeyond)

New Pres. for WFD!

Check this out! Colin Allen (Australia) has been elected as the new President for the World Federation of the Deaf which just had their 18th general assembly in Durban, South Africa! Allen will be President from 2011-2015. 

I met him while I was in Australia last summer for the Australian Sign Language Interpreter Association's national conference in Brisbane! He's a great guy, an amazing advocate for Deaf people and their rights as well as interpreters and their rights, and has an amazing sense of humor!! I was surprised when he came up to talk to me when he heard that “the Americans” were attending and later welcomed us to Australia!!  

Congratulations, Colin!!!

Please note: It’s not the top story, so you have to go through a few stories to get to it. The story starts at about 3:30.  c:

I strongly encourage all of you to become a member of the WFD! It’s not expensive to join. Even if you don’t join, you can subscribe to their news letter!!

Smile!  lml/

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