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If you’re considering a career in Education…

I fully support your dream.

I’m an educator. I love my job.

That being said: Grading is the single most boring thing ever. My brain feels like it’s melting out of my ears after two hours or so.

I’m not saying this to dissuade you from your path.

I’m saying this to give you advice:


  1. Plan time for it. It takes time, so you need to schedule yourself the time to finish it.
  2. If you have a lot of it to do, plan breaks for yourself. Every 15 minutes, every half hour, every hour. It varies by person and what else you have going on in your life. But plan breaks. For your own sanity and health, plan breaks.
  3. During your breaks, move. Stand up. Jump up and down. I don’t care what you do, but move. Don’t sit in your chair and surf the net. Move. Your body needs to move. 
  4. Doing other work during your breaks does not count as a break. 
  5. I do, however, support changing it up now and then. I switch back and forth after breaks from assignment to assignment sometimes. I keeps me from getting too comfortable with what I’m grading. If I’m mindlessly grading something, I’m obviously not paying attention. My students gave me the attention while they did the assignment (I hope), so they deserve my attention when I’m grading their work. If changing back and forth from assignments keeps my mind more alert, I’ll do it!
  6. Eat. You need to fuel your body. 
  7. Get a comfortable table and chair. Seriously, it makes all the difference in the world. By comfortable I mean one that supports your body. It should support your behind and your back. Posture is important. The more uncomfortable you are, the less supported you are physically, the quicker you feel fatigued. 
  8. Don’t put yourself in a place full of distractions, but allow for something fun. Listen to music. Have the TV on (in the background). I usually do music because I can listen to it, but not actively participate in it. It’s just there. Once in a while it will catch my attention and help to “wake me up” a bit. 

Anyway… I just thought I would throw these out there. Grading can be mind-numbing. But it gets done faster and with less fatigue if I do it right. 

The worst part is that it seems that most students don’t even understand what they did was wrong.

“No one was disrespecting. It wasn’t nothing like that,” said one student. “No one was being serious. Everyone was kind of bored and it was just something to do.”

I’m sorry… come on! You’re at a MEMORIAL for 9/11 victims! Of course it’s disrespecting! You’re all 13-14 years old! You should know better!

People who are not educators. Have never been educators. Or have no prior experience working in the field, should NOT be in charge of educators. Buissness has no buissness in education.








So he never sat in on a class, but chose to shut down the whole program. Cool. I swurrtagot these people are belligerent dummies for fun. Their motto in life literally is “F—- logic.”

And we must tell the truth… Mexicans didn’t illegally cross the U.S. border. The U.S. border CROSSED THEM. 

Tucson: there is a man on your school board who doesn’t understand the implications of the word “hearsay.” And that’s, like, problem #1,459 on the list of things wrong with this dude. He says the law specifically targeted the Mexican American Studies program. He claimed the teacher was buying kids burritos to indoctrinate them. He NEVER EVEN SAT IN ON A CLASS. Who allowed this man to vote on children’s educations?


seriously. If you see this and you have the chance, watch the documentary Precious Knowledge. Tucson Unified was the ONLY school district in the entire United States that had ethnic studies programs for K-12 students and it recently got cut because of these ignorant beliefs held by Arizona politicians.

A throwback to a problem that I’ve mentioned here before and is…still a problem.

So much stupid it hurts. 

Educational opportunity surely does exist, but it is not equal opportunity. The best predictor of where you go to school, and thus the quality of the education you receive is, as it has always been, not your talent and your motivation, but rather the socioeconomic characteristics of your parents.

The Culture of Inequality by Michael Lewis  (via hamuu)

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My own additions before the reblog, for those who may not be aware of what’s been going on: this user has been collecting personal contact information and home addresses of LGBTQ users under the guise of friendship, then using this information to out them to their parents. This was one of their…

The idea of someone being malicious enough to do this makes me very nearly physically ill. I just… I don’t understand it. I CANNOT understand how someone could have so much evil in their hearts to go after people like this and yet still call themselves “Christians”. So much for all this “good will” I’ve had preached to me my whole life. 

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A young boy says first he was bullied by some classmates and then a teacher allegedly joined in.

Investigator Dave Savini looks at how the school handled the bullying complaint and how the so-called solution made going to school even harder.

She also is concerned about the school’s solution to all of his alleged problems.

A Chicago Public School spokesperson says he was moved him from his third-grade class to a multi-age, self-contained class of two fifth-graders and nine fourth-graders, making him the only third-grader in the bunch.

A CPS spokesperson says: “While this matter is still being investigated to determine exactly what happened, we have been and continue to work closely with the student and his family to ensure that all of the services and resources that he needs are provided.”


How does this make you feel?


What are you going to do about it?

Ugh. When will school administrators understand: Removing the student from the classroom does not solve the bullying issue.  In fact, it could make it worse. I would not be surprised if the student feels like he’s being punished. The students who bullied him need to be addressed. The TEACHER needs to be addressed as well. The teacher is supposed to be the adult in the room; they should NEVER join in with bullying! If the student is not safe from the teachers at school, they aren’t safe at school. Period. 

And it isn’t a matter of if his accommodation and services are still available to him. He has the right to be in a classroom with his peers (children his own age and grade level) and to be safe there. Deafness is oftentimes so isolatingIsolating the student further is not going to help him any! How is this “solution” acceptable?! He was basically kicked out of his classroom for being bullied and is not in a place where he has even less chance of making friends! As the only student of his grade level in the classroom, he now has even less resources for help available to him: He’s no longer able to ask other classmates for help on assignments. It could also make him more dependent on his parents and other adults if he’s not given the chance to interact with his peers. 

ACK!!!! This just makes me crazy! How does the school get away with this? And how is this seen as being “okay”? 



I am the Lorax, I speak for the SUV’s.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what kinds of differences kids will notice between the book and the movie.  I hope, I really hope, that the message (or watering down thereof, or lack thereof entirely) will be the largest one.



I am the Lorax, I speak for the SUV’s.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what kinds of differences kids will notice between the book and the movie.  I hope, I really hope, that the message (or watering down thereof, or lack thereof entirely) will be the largest one.


ATTENTION ALL INTERPRETERS, DEAF/HARD-OF-HEARING INDIVIDUALS, CITIZENS OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI: There is a resolution on the floor of the Missouri House that I feel, while still containing language I would prefer to see changed, is still a monumental step forward for Missouri. Please take the time to read the entire resolution and contact your representatives about lending their support to the passing of this resolution. Pictured above are 3 brief screenshots depicting the specific “Bill of Rights” outlined. Follow the link below to find a full copy of the text of the resolution.



My blog entry on self-injury.

To raise awareness, to educate, to remove stigma,
  and - most importantly - help those who suffer find help and hope to recover.

one thing i would just add to the “Why do people Self-Injure?”

for some people who use SI as a coping mechanism, whatever their preferred brand of it may be, the act in and of itself feels good. this is also why for some, SI can be so addicting. because you get that rush when you do it. that makes you feel good and thus feel better.

in my opinion i think this aspect is what people REALLY dont want to talk about when they discuss SI. 

sure people can discuss the manifestation of feelings and projecting them into the action of SI. the control over the feelings by having a visual representation. all compelty valid points. 

but the concept that SI for SOME people, just feels good and makes someone feel better. that is a blasphemous thought that most people cant accept or even wrap their heads around but is just as valid as any other reason.

also i really hate that picture. of the “not all self harm is visible” 

#1 its extremely triggering.

#2 personally i think its bullshit. people who actually SI are PRO’s (not the ones who DO do it for attention, cause i HAVE met people who have later admitted to me they only did it for the attention) at hiding it. EVEN if its in plain sight. and not all SI is just cutting. and that picture stereotypes it as that. 

anyways. i think its a great blog post. just had to add my 2 cents on the subject.

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